OTC Desk

When it comes to over the counter (OTC) trading, the XDA OTC Desk gives you the VIP treatment you deserve with your own dedicated personal trader, low fees and guaranteed rated. We have partnered up with premier providers to ensure access to deep liquidity. What's more, you can use your XDA Business Account to settle all your crypto trades.

OTC for Gaming

Experience crypto trading with confidence. Manage your liquidity better with 24/7 access to the XDA trading platform. Regardless of how frequently you settle your crypto earnings, XDA has access to deep liquidity ensuring that you can always settle within minutes. Sell coins at your own schedule. We prioritise minimizing settlement risk, offering solutions that safeguard your transactions and trades.

Offshore gaming, OTC trading

For offshore gaming operations, XDA is your go-to partner. Whether you're a global gaming giant or an emerging paying agent who receives payments in crypto, our expertise becomes your advantage. Get paid in crypto and exchange to fiat within seconds.

When it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies, there are absolutely no restrictions on the coins you wish to trade. Your choices are boundless, granting you complete control over your financial or crypto transactions.

With XDA, your funds flow seamlessly, free from restrictions. We provide your ticket to crypto settlement and business accounts, with global payment options at your fingertips.

Don't just take our word for it. Our swift onboarding process has casinos and other companies operational within days, enabling effortless trading. The XDA experience is unparalleled, delivering the synergy of streamlined compliance and a comprehensive suite of financial products.

Your License, Your Choice

XDA accommodates a wide array of global licenses and diverse business structures. Regardless of your market or jurisdiction, we've got you covered. Explore our comprehensive list of accepted licenses in our services section

Crypto Settlement in One App

XDA's OTC Desk is here to disrupt the way you trade. Say farewell to obstacles, lengthy onboarding processes or significant price slippage. Lock your rates and rest assured that your fiat account will never stop your flow of earnings. We provide you with a fee structure that is both highly competitive and entirely transparent. At XDA you always have a clear understanding of the costs of your trades allowing you to optimise your finances.

Did you know? We also have a online trading platform with 24/7 access and countless currencies.

The highlights for this XDA product are:
Offshore Gaming Friendly
Lock Market Rates with No Trade Limit
Deep Liquidity, Settle Direct to your Business Account

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