Relayed. Be your own bank.

Bring your own clients or scale your business group entities into one stable financial institution under your control. Relayed systems do everything else for you.

Simple, powerful & fast payments...

Developed by industry veterans to deliver the ultimate payment institution.

Online Accounts

SEPA, SWIFT, Crypto & All major payment rails for your brand.

Custom Fee Structure

Apply your own fees to your customer transactions.

Your branded platform

Web banking for your customers all under your brand.

Compliance as a Service

KYB/KYC and world class transactions monitoring systems.

Your Control, Your Rules

Customisable banking solutions tailored to your needs.

Relayed gives you the power to define your banking operations.

Choose from SEPA, SWIFT and all major networks or Crypto payments—or combine all together.

Set your pricing strategy, and get IBANs issued within an hour in your company's or individual's name. With Relayed, you're in charge of onboarding and managing your financial operations, supported by our robust and secure banking rails and a knowledgeable compliance team.

Streamline Your Operations

Connect all your financial entities effortlessly.

Group your companies, partners, and stakeholders in one convenient place with Relayed.

Enjoy instant money settlement between your entities without additional compliance checks within your own whitelabel system.

Relayed's platform is designed to simplify your financial ecosystem, allowing you to manage multiple entities with ease and ensure quick, secure transactions.

Beyond Banking

Comprehensive support and zero fees to get started.

With Relayed, you can extend your services beyond traditional banking.

Pay external accounts using our established banking rails in both SEPA and SWIFT, with Crypto trade settlement and OTC available in-house with your own platform. Benefit from our back-office services, including a dedicated account manager and custom report generation, all with no setup or monthly fees.

Only pay for the transactions you make, and enjoy a revenue share based on your volumes.

Tailored for Industries

Optimised for iGaming, Tech, Marketing, and more.

Relayed is built by a team with a decade of leadership in global gaming payments, now bringing their expertise to support iGaming, Tech, Marketing, and Property companies.

We understand the unique needs of fast-paced industries and offer stable, secure financial solutions that empower your business without the hassle of compliance delays.

Over 100 Currencies & FX

Sell directly to USD, EUR and GBP through your Relayed account to suit your needs, while we also choosing additional currency options as part of our broker FX services.

Advanced Admin

Relayed has been built by banking, for banking, making all systems fully tailored to enable your operations to run in the most efficient way across compliance, finance and operations teams. Or simply use ours.

Hassle-Free Licensing and Payments

No regulatory headaches. Just business

Start your financial services with Relayed and bypass the complexity of regulatory requirements. XDA allows you to outsource our license, removing the need for in-depth payment or regulatory experience. Just bring your clients and contacts, and we'll handle the rest. With Relayed, stepping into financial services is straightforward and stress-free.

Cost-Effective Financial Tools and incresed profits

Begin your journey with Relayed with sensible pricing. Enjoy bespoke setup fees and variable monthly and transaction fees based upon usage. Our platform includes an easy-to-use IBAN issuing link, ensuring you can manage financial operations efficiently. This cost structure is designed to support your growth by minimizing expenses and maximizing returns through a revenue share model based on transaction volumes.

Dedicated Support and Custom Solutions

Every Relayed client benefits from a dedicated account manager and access to bespoke systems designed to meet your unique business needs. Whether you require customized financial reports or specialized support, our back-office services are here to assist. Leverage our expertise and extra tools to streamline your operations and enhance your decision-making process, ensuring you always stay ahead in the competitive market.

Sell Bitcoin to USD, EUR or GBP. Additional FX options for alternative currencies.

We've worked 1 to 1 with Relayed for some time, with the brokerage handling our agency fees. The new application has transformed the service for us and we're honored to be a part of Relayed's future.

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