Crypto & IBAN Combo

Finally, the product the industry has been crying out for. A stable solution of crypto settlement direct to a business account, to then spend if or when you want. No more middlemen, no more duplicate fees. The power of XDA has arrived.

Stable Crypto Gaming Appetite

We love gaming. We love crypto. And that's not changing. Don't gamble with your bank or your money. With XDA our entire infrastructure was built with the sole purpose of stability in crypto gaming and payments. That's why we are clear and direct about who we service.

Offshore Gaming

If your casino or betting site operates with an offshore licence, that's fine with us. We have the experience to onboard your company, whether a global entity or paying agent.

"Our Curacao Casino was onboarded within a few days, and we were trading instantly. We would not hesitate to recommend XDA."

We accept a range of global licences and a range of structures. We're experienced in pretty much every type of market or jurisdiction. For the full list of accepted licences, check out more services here.

The combo wins

XDA brings a world where you do 1 round of compliance and get all the financial products you need for crypto and fiat. Without blocks as your funds seamlessly flow. What's more, its all friendly to pretty much every online gaming licence. Well, wonder no longer as we bring you the crypto settlement and business account with worldwide payment options.

The highlights for this XDA product are:
Gaming Friendly to Multiple Licence Types
One Round of Compliance to Access Everything
Remit Internationally Including Emerging Economies

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Boost your margins

Utilise the XDA platform to remove unnecessary or duplicate crypto and banking fees
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