Curacao Casino Business Account

In response to industry demands, XDA introduces the Crypto & IBAN Combo, for businesses holding Curacao licenses. This unique combo simplifies the process of settling crypto into a business account, providing flexibility in how you manage your deposits and payouts. Eliminating intermediaries, unnecessary fees and a speedy onboarding, XDA is here to remove the barriers to your business growth.

Curacao Casino Business Account

With XDA, a single compliance round provides businesses with Curacao licenses access to a comprehensive suite of financial products for both crypto and fiat transactions. Our platform facilitates unobstructed funds flow and is compatible with nearly all online gaming licenses, with a particular focus on Curacao-licensed entities to ensure compliance and smooth operations.

Business Account for Paying Agents

For paying agents, usually based in Cyprus however we are flexible, XDA can provide business accounts for the subsidiaries of Curacao entities. These accounts also come with a full remit of banking rails and currencies you would expect from a business account.

Ensuring Stability in Crypto Gaming

Curacao licenses are unique, with distinct regulatory demands compared to other jurisdictions. XDA's infrastructure prioritises stability within the context of crypto gaming and payments, paying special attention to those adhering to Curacao regulations.

Offshore Gaming Expertise with Curacao License

Curacao licenses set operators apart in the gaming industry. Their unique requirements demand specialised expertise, and XDA is well-versed in meeting these demands. For entities holding Curacao licenses, our onboarding process is specifically tailored to accommodate global corporations and payment agents alike. Our experienced team understands the intricacies of these licenses and ensures a smooth integration process, making XDA a superior choice for those within this regulatory framework.

Global Licensing Flexibility

While we place special emphasis on businesses with Curacao licenses, we also accept a broad range of global licenses and adapt to various structural frameworks. Our extensive experience spans diverse markets and jurisdictions, making us a versatile choice for businesses worldwide.

Here are the three key advantages of our service:

  1. Tailored for Businesses with Curacao Licenses: Our platform is customized to meet the specific needs of entities holding Curacao licenses, ensuring a seamless user experience within this unique and demanding regulatory framework.
  2. Streamlined Compliance: Gain access to a comprehensive suite of financial products with a single compliance step.
  3. Global Remittance: Effortlessly handle international transactions, including those involving emerging economies.

The highlights for this XDA product are:
Curacao Licenses and Payment Agents
Streamlined Compliance
Global Remittance

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