Fees as low as 0%

We are integrated throughout the gaming sector, meaning we can provide industry leading and competitive pricing

OTC and Crypto Settlement

Industry Leading Rates

Access deep liquidity and fast settlement with all the main trading pairs and Alt Coins.

Business Accounts

Industry Leading Rates

Directly connected Business Accounts for settlement of crypto trades. Hold money in your companies name and remit to 200+ countries.

Integrated Crypto and IBAN

Industry Leading Rates

Get both OTC, trading options and a Business Account from one platform for seamless gaming flows.


Here are answers to some common questions. For anything else feel free to contact our prompt Business Development team.
How do you calculate your fees?

OTC and Crypto Settlement fees are based on historical volume, the higher the volumes the lower our fees.

All our fees are clearly defined prior to opening an account with XDA.

Are there minimum fees?

We have no minimum fees or minimum requirements per month for trading volume.

What can I use the Business Account for?

Use the Business Account like you would any other account, send money to third parties, suppliers, wages, whatever you need for your business spend.

Which Countries can I send money too?

We operate cross-border remittance to 150+ countries including all the main international gaming hotspots.

Do I need to be a Gaming Firm to apply?

Not at all. However, we do have a deep understanding and extensive experience within the global gaming sector.

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Utilise the XDA platform to remove unnecessary or duplicate crypto and banking fees
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