Unveiling Unified Payments for Global Licensed Operators

Former Revolut Exec Andria Evripidou Launches XDA.io, A Game-Changing Fusion of Crypto and Payments for iGaming.
XDA is live!

XDA Launches!

[London, November 2023] Andria Evripidou, a former executive at Revolut and Yapily, and current Chief Banking Officer at Xace, has announced the launch of a unified solution for Crypto and Banking. The platform is built with speed and streamlining in mind, allowing Gaming firms of any license to easily access Crypto and Payments with just one application.

XDA.io will address the growing demand for a more accessible and user-friendly banking and cryptocurrency ecosystem within the gaming community. Built after many years of experience in both iGaming and banking, Evripidou was keen to integrate a new product targeting the boom in crypto within gambling.

The product itself fills a significant gap in the market, by accommodating all types of gaming licenses globally with one streamlined onboarding and compliance process. Furthermore, launching with an international vision, the XDA.io platform is backed by some of the world’s biggest correspondent banks and crypto liquidity providers, bringing a stable risk appetite to ensure an undisrupted service.

In just a matter of days, the company already counts some of the worlds’ biggest crypto casinos as clients, providing OTC and a platform for liquidation at industry leading rates, seamless link to bank accounts with multiple currencies and the ability to send money globally, without limitation.

Commenting on the launch of XDA.io, Andria Evripidou said

I am thrilled to introduce XDA.io to the gaming, banking and crypto community. With the rapid adoption of crypto in gaming, it's time for a financial platform that caters to the unique needs for both crypto and fiat accounts in one gaming friendly place.

About XDA.io:

XDA provides the perfect gaming friendly crypto-payments combo. Launched by former Revolut and Yapily executive Andria Evripidou, who additionally brings experience from Xace.io, XDA is filling a gap for the global crypto gambling ecosystem.

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