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Tobique Gaming Licence Requirements and Application

In the dynamic world of online gaming, securing a reliable and advantageous gaming licence is a critical step for operators aiming to carve out a successful niche. Among the plethora of options available, the Tobique gaming licence, issued by the Tobique Gaming Commission in New Brunswick, Canada, stands out for its blend of efficiency, affordability, and comprehensive support. This guide delves into the essentials of acquiring a Tobique gaming licence, tailored for those looking to navigate the iGaming industry's regulatory landscape with ease.

Understanding the Tobique Gaming Licence

The Foundation: Tobique First Nation, known for its commitment to responsible and transparent gaming practices, offers a regulatory framework that not only supports the economic development of its community but also sets a high standard for operators, software providers, and platforms in the gaming industry.

The Benefits: A Tobique gaming licence is lauded for its straightforward acquisition journey, competitive cost structure, and rapid issuance. These attributes, combined with a unique taxation system, make it a compelling choice for gaming entrepreneurs​​​​.

Key Requirements for Operators

  1. Company Formation and Taxation: Prospective licensees should prepare for various costs, which fluctuate based on the licence type and business scale. The unique tax structure of the Tobique licence aids companies in navigating the industry's swift financial growth​​.
  2. Licence Application Process: Tobique stands out for its swift licensing process, allowing the formation of a new company in approximately ten business days and licence acquisition in four weeks. This process covers a broad spectrum of online gaming activities, setting a pace that is unparalleled in the industry​​.
  3. Documentation and Compliance: A rigorous set of documents is required to ensure applicants' integrity and credibility. This includes a comprehensive KYC procedure to fast-track the licensing process while mitigating potential delays​​.
  4. Bank Account Set up: Ensure your have a suitable bank account for Tobique Gaming Licence that is friendly to your business type.
  5. Financial and Operational Integrity: Demonstrating financial stability is paramount, requiring evidence such as bank statements. Moreover, applicants must showcase their experience and qualifications in the online gambling sector through necessary personal and corporate documents​​.
  6. Website and Policy Compliance: By the licensing process's conclusion, having a functional, compliant website is obligatory. Applicants are also expected to have robust internal policies covering AML, responsible gaming, privacy, and anti-fraud measures​​.

Application Steps: A Closer Look

  • Documentation: The first step involves gathering and submitting detailed documentation to prove identity, residency, and financial stability, among other criteria.
  • Due Diligence: Following submission, the Tobique regulatory authority conducts comprehensive background checks on all key personnel.
  • License Issuance: Successful applicants receive their licence, officially allowing them to conduct online gambling operations within Tobique's regulatory framework​​.


The Tobique gaming licence emerges as an exemplary choice for both budding and established operators in the iGaming sector, thanks to its streamlined application process, robust compliance guidelines, and extensive coverage of gaming activities.

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