Sxaled: White Label by XDA

White Label Banking Services

Sxaled by XDA is the Whitelabel Payments Platform that will take your business and your brand to a new level. Incorporate the Sxaled whitelabel payment solution to your operations and give your customers an all-in-one branded banking experience.

Sxaled for PSPs to Offshore Banks to Introducers and everything inbetween


No matter your business sector or your underlying merchants, Sxaled opens up more revenue avenues that you have imagined. Issue accounts to your merchants under your own brand and capture new market segments that were unattainable in the past. Wherever you or your merchants are based, our experienced onboarding specialists will have your business live in record time.

Licence and Technology

We are licensed so you don’t have to be. Start your Payments Business today with Sxaled by XDA. Connected to some of the most prestigious banks globally with cutting edge technology, your merchants’ transactions will continuously run smoothly and securely. At XDA we are all about data security and confidentiality so we've built our platform utilising the latest security standards ensuring your financial information, is always safe and secure.

Customer-Centric Approach and Streamlined Onboarding

Commencing your journey with Sxaled is effortless. A no-code journey starts with XDA. Simply enter your credentials and your merchants transactions and accounts are there for you. Straightforward and efficient onboarding process ensures minimal delays in going live. Our customer-centric approach means we're here to provide personalised support at every step. Our dedicated team stands ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

International Payments

Your merchants can send to 150+ countries, FX in 50+currencies, with our streamlined international payments. Get in touch with your dedicated account manager for further details.

What do you get?

Sxaled is a market ready white label solution. No coding is required, no banking set ups, no licence. Everything is handled via our proprietary technology.

As a Whitelabel partner you get:

  • Your own branded web login in with full banking services.
  • Your own branded back office to see the activities of your customers.
  • Set your own pricing for your customers; onboarding fees, transaction fees, monthly fees.
  • Set your own customer support channels (or let us do it).
  • The ability to onboard high risk customers, such as gambling, adult and forex.
  • Flexibility in the customers you onboard and prioritised onboarding support.
  • Dedicated white label partner account manager.

Your customers gets:

  • Named EUR IBAN for inbound transactions with SEPA.
  • EUR SEPA outbound transactions.
  • FX from EUR to 20 currencies.
  • Outbound SWIFT transactions in EUR, GBP, USD, CAD and many more
  • Online customer support

The highlights for this XDA product are:
No License Required
Go Live In Days
High Risk Friendly

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